Toric lens implants

In modern cataract surgery, everyone gets a lens implant during surgery.  Not that many years ago, every patient got the same style implant.  That style implant, which is still used today, is called a monofocal lens.  It corrects a patient’s vision for either distance or near, but never both. It also never can correct astigmatism so patients usually are left dependent on glasses post surgery.   Now a days, we have additional lens options to choose from.  One of my favorite lens to use is called a toric lens.  It can correct astigmatism at the time of surgery and is a great option for patients that have suffered with large amounts of astigmatism.  Over the years, I have been really impressed with the results we have gotten with toric lenses.   Many of our patients see 20/20 without glasses from a toric lens. This simply would not be possible in past with a standard monofocal lens implant.   In my next blog, I will discuss another style of lens implant called a multifocal lens.


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